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Currently i am holding the position of Creative Art Director in Based on the 11 year experience in the field of design, I have successfully implemented many important projects in Greece as web designer, graphic designer, logo designer, corporate identity designer, project manager and concept thinker.

What people say about me+

Michael Antoniou is a responsible web designer who takes into consideration the user's behavior and search engine optimization and therefore he is a first class designer.
-Nikolas Proviadakis / CEO


Creative Direction, Art Direction, Digital Branding, Consulting, Photography, Web Design, User Interface Design

As a Greek freelance web designer, my work is characterized by the high quality of web design, the aesthetic design and the innovative technology in web design Greece which are a commitment of my work to you.

Get now your own website and start enjoying all the benefits that can bring to your enterprise, such as new clients but worldwide collaborations as well.

Your presence and publicity in the internet, via a professionally designed web site, plays an important role. I am at your service to suggest and offer effective solutions which are easy to be implemented, are innovative and are primarily based on the international standards of web design in the worldwide web.

The design in a web project is the beginning of a successful website.

Paying attention not only to the excellent illustration, but to other certain elements as well, such as the graphics optimization, the design based exclusively on Cascading Style Sheets, the navigation analysis and the distinction of the powerful parts of the company, the design and development of the websites which are strictly based on the standards of the international certification organization W3C and the compatibility among different browsers are some of the elements that guarantee the success of your website.

All you have to do is contact me, web design in Greece is an investment.

Michael Antoniou
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